Let’s stick to the brake system

I recommended the entry-class road bike in the previous article, but there are caveats about brakes.

It is related to safety, please read with caution.


Entry-class brakes are dangerous

“Beginner components such as Claris are enough good!” I mentioned, but the brake is different. Among components, you can notice significant difference about brake.

Entry-class brakes such as Claris are hard to work, people and women with weak grip strength are dangerous. Even if a brake of a manufacturer other than Shimano is used, it may be considered that the braking power is not good.

Speaking of how dangerous it is, if you are riding more than 30 km / h on a downhill slope, people who have weak grip strength will lost their control. The caliper brake of the road bike is much harder to stop than the cross bike or the mountain bike.

Which class of brakes should I turn?

Not only Claris, but also the upper components Sora and Tiagra. Brake systems of these grades do not have enough braking power.

To replace the brake, it is recommended to have a brake of grade 105 or higher.

For safety, please only change the brake to 105 (BR – 5800) or higher grade. According to the Shimano compatibility chart, Claris’s brake lever can also pull 105 brakes.

The brakes above 105 (BR – 5800) have different mechanisms. “SLR-EV technology” which made symmetrical fulcrum of caliper brake is adopted, braking performance will be markedly improved.

The figure showing the conventional brake system is shown below. The fulcrum is closer to the right side.

The following is a diagram showing “SLR-EV technology”. The fulcrum of the caliper brake is symmetrical.

You can also purchase brake sets.

It is better for beginners to stick to brakes. The difference between the crank and the gearbox is subtle, but the effectiveness of the brake is quite different.

If you want to save money,  just replace brake shoe

If you do not have a budget, I recommend that you change the shoe alone without changing the caliper. Even this is quite different.


Even with a road bike of $2,000 range, it is true that brakes are often used as brakes by other manufacturers in order to lower prices. Perhaps it is an implicit consent to change the brakes, but please be careful that it is dangerous for the beginners.

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