Advantages and disadvantages of using SPD for long ride

In the previous article, I wrote about the advantages and disadvantages of using SPD-SL for long ride.

Next time, I would like to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of using SPD for long ride.


Easy to catch pedals (advantage)

Compared with SPD-SL, SPD is easy to launch on a slope because you can ride a bike somehow even if cleat is not put on pedal.

Also, if you choose dual platform SPD, you do not have to worry about the front and back of the pedal, so catching the pedal will be easier. It is especially great advantage in urban areas with many intersections.

Possible to walk instead of riding a bike on a bad conditioned road (advantage)

Road bike is a bicycle to run on a paved road.

If you encounter a bad road on the way or a steep slope, it is cumbersome to get on and off with SPD-SL, so tend to keep riding a bicycle on a bad conditioned road. As a result, you may fall off the bike.

SPD enable you to walk, so you will have the option of getting off the bicycle and walking on a bad conditioned road safely.

The release of the pedal gets you tired (disadvantage)

Although it is not spoken much, in fact SPD is hard to release the pedal. Because of the structure, the rubber and pedals of the sole are in close contact with each other, so resistance to the rubber part is born and it is hard to release.

I do not mind at the beginning of a ride. But if I ride for a while and my physical strength is exhausted, I will be concerned about the difficulty in releasing SPD.

Solution: use clicker pedal

As a solution, you can use clicker pedal of SPD for beginners.

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The clicker pedal is not only easy to catch. The binding part is movable so that when you release the pedals there is a space between the sole and the pedals. Therefore, you can easily release the pedal.

The weight of the pedal is a little bit heavy, but the reflector is also attached, and the clicker pedal is recommended for the long ride.

When the sole wears down, you feel concern about the thrust up of the metal fittings (disadvantage)

Well, have not you heard the impression that the SPD feels like being pushed up by a small metal fitting when you ride for a while?

If the shoes are new, this phenomenon does not occur much. Because the sole and the pedal are made to be in close contact with each other.

However, when the sole gets worn out, the metal parts of the cleat will gradually protrude. Doing so will support the shoes with only the metal parts of the cleat, and the push-up feeling will come out while pedaling.

Running a long distance in this state will cause you to feel tired because there is a feeling of strangeness at the bottom of your feet.

Solution: repair if worn out, change shoes earlier

If the sole gets worn out, it would be better to repair sole.

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However, this is not a perfect solution.

You should try to replace early as you wear it.

Based on this fact, it is better to buy less expensive SPD shoes to save your money.

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I talked about the advantage and disadvantage of using SPD for long ride. I still have not been able to complete the answer as to which of SPD or SPD-SL is suitable for long ride.

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