Reach sub-brake lever from any position, “J Clue Lever” (Dixna)

In this article, I introduce one of my favorite items, sub-brake system for a road bike, “Dixna’s J Clue Lever.”

This sub-brake lever enables us to control brake from shoulder position on which we cannot control brakes with the other sub-brake levers.


Is sub-brake lever necessary for a road bike?

I have seen many negative opinions towards attaching sub-brake lever on a road bike. Those are “routing cables may get complex”, “its appearance becomes bad”, or “no need to attache what it is not with a standard road bike.”

However, my opinion is sub-brake lever helps a lot for town-ride or comfort-ride. 

In the first place, a road bike is not made for riding in a town. Its origin came from competitions. Therefore, you may need tuning to raise its safety.

Without sub-brake lever, upright handle position would be dangerous in a town. On the other hand, you can use brake with sub-brake lever instantly in some emergency situation.

On downhill, people with a week grip may lose their controls with brake hood position. Sub-brake lever is easier to put force on and people with a week grip can control a bike easily. Reaching brake lever from the drops is not comfortable for a long time though it is easy to control brakes.

You can control brakes with shoulder position

With ordinary sub-brake levers, you cannot grip levers when you put your hands on the shoulder of handle bar.

The feature of “J Clue Lever” is that it is long and curved along drop handle so that a rider can grip lever from the shoulder position as below.

J Clue Lever

J Clue Lever

If you want to attach this brake lever to your bike, you need to cut outer brake cable and let “J Clue Lever” intervene between cute outer cables. It is difficult so it might be better that you ask this to a shop.

Its specification is written on its package.

J Clue Lever

When you grip “J Clue Lever”, it moves up the outer brake cable. This movement may cause damage to bike’s head-tube. If you are worried about that, the following protection tape would be helpful.


For town-ride and long-ride, sub-brake lever is convenient accessary. “Diana’s J Clue Lever” will enable us to control brake from any positions.

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