Well-suited for a long ride, “Scout Seat Bag” (Giant)

(*) Currently, this bag seems to be not sold in the United States. But it may be sold since it got so popular in Japan.

After long-time waiting, finally, I have obtained Giant’s “Scout Seat Bag”, which is topical in Japan.

I have attached my Merida’s ride 80 and write the impression of the bag.


Story how I met this bag

Before I bought this bag, I had used Ortlieb’s saddle bag.

This bag is nicely water-proofed. However, I had to give up bringing all of the following items.

  • bike carry bag
  • rain jacket
  • rain pants

Among these items, I gave up rain pants but I had been worried about if cycling tights were tore!

In addition, I would like to bring shoes for walking. If I had shoes for walking, I should use SPD-SL without worries in a case that some trouble happens in the middle of long ride tour.

Among massive saddle bags, it is ultra cheap!

About 2 years ago, Brevet was so popular in Japan, there were several choices.

However, those bags are little bit expensive for me!

This “Giant’s Scout Seat Saddle Bag” is sold at about $60.0 in Japan!

Unfortunately, Giant’s products are not available at network shopping, I had to order the bag via some bicycle shop.

Water-proofed and sturdy

This image is taken right after I purchased. It is water-proofed and looks very sturdy.


The opposite side. The design is very simple.


All items are stored in this bag!

I tried to put all items I wanted to bring, anyways. It still has a room even though all items are packed!

  • bike carry bag
  • rain jacket
  • rain pants
  • shoes for walking

Wow, its amazing!

Shoes for walking is Newbalance’s Minimus. Not only light-weight, but also it can be flattened. I prefer this shoes to foldable shoes.

How it is attached on bike

I have attached the bag on my Merida’s ride 80. It is so huge, isn’ it?

giant scout seat bag

Be careful that the bag may be rubbed by the rear tire.

giant scout seat bag

Since it may damage to bike frame, I have used the 3M tape to protect the frame (only available in Japan).

My concern is it interferes a brake wire.

giant scout seat bag

I need to raise the saddle more. Since current position is comfortable for SPD pedal, it might be better that I replace it with SPD-SL pedal and raise it.


“Giant’s Scout Seat Bag” is the massive bag enabled me to put all items I wanted to pack for a long tour. However, I got know more adjustment is necessary to use it so I will try test-ride several times and adjust it.

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One thought on “Well-suited for a long ride, “Scout Seat Bag” (Giant)

  • July 19, 2017 at 9:24 am

    Hi, I also planning to buy this bag.
    My question is: how long must be seat post to avoid touching break wire and rear wheel?
    Thank you! (sorry for bad English 🙂


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